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Training and Degrees

I graduated with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Bastyr University.  I was drawn to Bastyr because of their emphasis on the mind, body, spirit connection.  This education influenced my view in seeing the person as a whole.

I completed a yearlong internship at Evergreen Recovery Center where I received training as a Chemical Dependency Counselor.  This experience taught me about the therapeutic relationship, based in hope, recovery, empathy, and a belief in the possibility of ongoing self-improvement.  Following this internship I became an extern at MEND (formerly Seattle Therapy Alliance) where I grew my skills as a therapist from a social justice perspective.  My diversity of experiences has provided me with a range of skills which allows a flexible approach each client's unique circumstances.  I have a private practice in Seattle where I continue to work from these foundations.

Counseling Orientation

Recognizing that every person has strengths and potential in addition to the concerns, I offer a collaborative partnership with a person-centered approach. Thus I allow you to move at your own pace, addressing issues as they arise.  I strive to assist you in finding your inner wisdom to help you make lasting changes.

When appropriate, a focus on the present moment experience can be used as a tool to help us focus attention and understanding.  By recognizing mental and emotional habits we can create new pathways grounded in awareness. I believe that we have the potential to find peace and contentment from within.

I also see the value of a slower, more present, intentional and connected way of living. I believe that our ability to heal is connected to and reliant upon our attunement to our bodies and connections with each other.   As best we can, the aim is for our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits to be fully engaged in this dance of life.

In my free time I find joy in getting into nature, connecting with people, and finding creative outlets that inspire me.